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10 Reasons to Add Video to your website now

10 Reasons to Add Video to your website now

The ability to attract, communicate and bring visitors back to your website is critical to the success of any business.

The best way to do this is video and in no particular order here are our top ten reasons why.

  1. Quickly says what you got to say.

Visitors have super speed-reading skills, they want to glance at your site and if it doesn’t engage them they want to be off, usually in less than 8 seconds.

Video quickly delivers your message, its fresh and engaging from the off without having to find what you are looking for in a sea of copy.

  1. Engages your website visitors.

Which is great because if they spend more time on your website this means they are spending more time exposed to your sales offering and your calls to actions.

  1. Drives more traffic to your website

Search engines love new content especially video. You can use targeted key words in the video title, tags and description. But you can also add video to YouTube (which of course is owned by Google) to really ramp up the benefit of SEO!

  1. Gets your message even further

Don’t just put your video on YouTube but share it with all your social media networks and get your visitors to share it with all their contacts as well. This will ensure your video is seen by potential customers that might not have had a reason to come to your website. The right video might even go viral but if your video is engaging with good calls to actions you will increase new visitors to your website from these sources.

  1. Gets your visitors to keep coming back

Getting visitors to return to your site so you can keep exposing them to your message and new offers. A great way to do this is to add exciting, entertaining and useful videos that provide value to viewers. These can be videos that teach how to use your products or address a concern that affects your target marketplace.

  1. Gives your company or brand personality

Ok so you can use the “get to know us profiles” where Sue from accounts tells you she is a wiz at Origami or Cyril the CEO keeps tropical fish but why not let your personality shine through with a video of your team in action.

  1. Strengthens bonds and makes friends.

Show your visitors your team and they feel they know you and after all people like to buy from people they know. Video is a great way to get visitors closer to you and your company.

  1. Entertains

Or it should, you don’t need to limit your video to just being

Informative. You can even when appropriate make it funny or edgy. After all that will help viewers remember it and want to share it.

  1. Stand out from your competition

Those that have the vision to put an entertaining representation of their company on their website and on line will have a major advantage over their competitors. Whether your business is highly specialized, retail or business to business using custom made videos will make you stand out.

  1. Makes you memorable

Visual images are retained in our minds far longer than words or slogans. It’s no coincidence that visuals are everywhere online and driving the lions share of traffic and engagement.

To find out more about how we can help you with your very own HD promotional video click here.


Lizard for tea, anyone ?

Lizard for tea, anyone?

You might have seen this if you walk the corridors of Facebook… or you’re a huge David Attenborough fan, as I am.

But I have to share it anyway as its just a wonderful example of how to tell a story in just a few minutes.

There has been a sharp decline in recent years of people especially younger ones reading for pleasure. Even with non – fiction we often now turn to platforms like You-tube to find out how to fix something rather than refer to a manual. Video is king but only when it’s done well and Wow this has been done well. In just 60 seconds we have fallen in love with the hero, booed at the baddies, gasped when we thought they had him, cried with pleasure when he escaped and experienced an adrenaline rush throughout.

Imagine what that kind of visual story telling could do for your company.

Enjoy! Or be horrified